List of Recipients of Personal Information details

Information ProvidedPartner CategoryName of Partners (Country/Region of Destination)Purpose of useRetention period
Name, address, phone numberDigital markeing agencyTwoRabbit, WebSpread, Jeannies, BaseCamp To engage potential audience, we hold event at social media and to ship rewards to the event winnerswithin one month after the opening
Social media contacts (youtube, naver, Kakao, facebook, instagram) Digital markeing agencyWebSpread To identify Target audience. No PI is transferred between partner and SPE N/A
Name, date of birth, gender, marital status, national ID #, address, telephone, email, nationalityInsuranceCapacity Korea LtdGroup InsuranceN/A
Office Phone, Office Mobile Phone, Fax, Email IT ApplicationSpiritWorld(DEX) Contact list for theatres N/A
Contact List for clients and partners (name and email/phone)IT ApplicationSharepoint Contact list for movie launch and local platform N/A