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All Saints


“Don’t miss this story! Can an out-of-place refugee community, and an out-of-luck pastor, come together to save a tiny church? ALL SAINTS is a powerful, true account of how misunderstanding and mistrust can melt away as friendship and respect grow out of shared challenges. Through the movie ALL SAINTS, the beauty and dignity of the refugee population is on display, even as a local church rediscovers their call. This is a story that will lift your spirits and open your heart.”

Scott Arbeiter, President, World Relief
ALL SAINTS is an inspiring true story. Take a look beyond the divisive headlines and discover a heartwarming story about how a small-town pastor risks it all for a group of refugees. This story reminds us all that the simple act of welcoming the stranger can not only develop a fruitful relationship, but could be the very thing God uses to restore our hope.”

Mark Reddy, President, The JUSTICE Conference
“I loved this film from beginning to end. ALL SAINTS is a wonderfully told story about people doing the right thing in the face of doubt, conflict, discomfort, and disappointment. Everyone has been through these difficult experiences—or will go through them at some point—which is why everyone will enjoy watching ALL SAINTS.”

Rev. Rob Schenck, D.Min., president, The Dietrich Bonhoeffer Institute, Washington, D.C.
ALL SAINTS is a great film that highlights the resilience of refugees and their persistence in the midst of opposition. This film has the courage to show refugees bringing value to a church and a community! A movie based on a true story like this is greatly needed.”

Tim Uthmann, Assistant Director of Operations, International Association for Refugees
"ALL SAINTS is a beautiful, amazing, inspiring story of people who were nudged by God to open themselves to one another and to new possibilities. It is a story of hospitality to God and to one another, a story of community that grows as we welcome one another, and a story of abundance that amazes. See the film and know that all things are possible."

Bishop Hope Morgan Ward, North Carolina Conference, United Methodist Church
ALL SAINTS is a powerful story, very heartrending and entertaining, about a pastor who hears from God and does the right thing in spite of opposition. ALL SAINTS is one of Sony AFFIRM’s best movies.”

Ted Baehr, Founder and Publisher, Movieguide®
ALL SAINTS is a must-see film of the year. I was inspired, stirred to action and encouraged to have a renewed hope for the simple ways we can make a difference.”

Dan Russell, Olympic Coach
“A remarkable story of resurrection!"

Bishop Robert E Hayes Jr., Bishop in Residence at The Woodlands United Methodist Church
ALL SAINTS is a direct challenge to people of faith and places of worship. As we are tempted to focus on self-preservation and decline in church attendance, the people of All Saints Parish remind us of our true calling and purpose—to love and serve our neighbors. Even—and especially—when our neighbors show up as refugees. This true-life story points us to the power of hope, cooperation, and simple human dignity. This film is a breath of fresh air in our contemporary world; this is how we are supposed to live and work together.”

Rev. Dr. Wes Magruder, Senior Pastor, Kessler Park UMC